Swim Groups & Registration

Wahoos is organized into 3 main training groups, depending on age, swim-ability and training needs:

  • Learn to Swim
  • Development
  • Age Group

The swim club fees are set annually. The 2022/2023 fees are available here: Fee Calculation Sheet 2022-23

Space in each group is limited by swim lane space and coach availability. Returning swimmer registration is typically held each year in late August/early September, after which spaces are opened for new swimmers.

2019/2020 Registration forms can be found below. Please note, these are subject to change for future seasons. E-transfers are accepted for registration fees. Please confirm with an Executive member about the correct email address. Cheques will still be required for the volunteer deposits and the Swim-A-Thon (note – Swim-A-thon cheque is not required for families that only have children in Learn to Swim).

The following are needed per swimmer:
#1 – Registration Form
#3 – Athlete Code Conduct
#5 – Swimmers Personal Info Protection

The following are needed per family:
#2 – Parent Code of Conduct (please have both parents sign, if applicable)
#4 – FOIP – list each child on the one form
#6 – Officials Personal Info Protection – This is required for EACH parent
#7 – Hot Tub waiver – list all children under 9

1. Registration Form 2022-23
2. Parent Code of Conduct
3. Athlete Code of Conduct
4. Team Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Consent Form
5. Swimmers form – has childs name
6. Officials form – has parents name
7. Hot Tub Waiver for UNDER 9 yo

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